Being bold: starting out with gusto, humility and an open heart

Stepping out to create my own independent business has been a real trip for me. I continue to learn and shape the vision for what I really really want to do (thanks, for example, to the smart questions that writer/ coach Martha Carnahan poses for me to ponder).

One thing that I am grateful for, all the time, is the way that folks “loan me their courage”—in big and in small ways. I thrive on reading posts from trainers who are setting out on their own ventures for being a Trainer-For-Hire. I listen aptly when people describe what they have done when carving out a mission statement, or generating ideas for contacts they can make to pitch their services.

I have become a bit like velcro—I listen with care to the simplest everyday statements that people make about the hope they feel in their hearts for a new thing they’re undertaking, or a place where they have received inspiration.

The image that I have chosen for today’s post is a photo I took alongside the Wisconsin River, a place that I love dearly. Seems to me that feeling well-grounded, well-nourished, inspired and appreciative can help one start out on a new venture. Take the first few steps: know that you’ll get some things wrong and you’ll get a few other things very very right.

I aim to use this spot as a sort of accountability place. So here and now I say: I will use the next two weeks as a time for sharpening my vision and naming the specific arenas that I’d like to target in shaping my new independent business. Having explored options (like a big mental brainstorming time!) I am now ready to write & draw & outline & word-craft the arenas that I’d like to address.

Forward is a word that sounds very strong and empowering to me: FORWARD. Baby steps or excited leaps over the rain puddles. I want to dig down deeply to enjoy and savor these days, to explore with an open mind and an open heart.

! Flavia: Life is brief


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