Making Our Words Count as Speakers

Serving as a coach for teams to improve their communication and cooperative has been quite rewarding and fun.

I have such a great passion for the way that team members can improve the way that they connect with each other. Whether I am designing and delivering staff development events, or coaching members about better ways to express themselves, I find that there is no more exciting work than bringing people together in new ways. Engaging, inviting, and connecting people: these are endlessly interesting to me.

With a unique background, I bring together both my passion for public speaking and my expertise as a counselor. In other words, I am able to deliver lively, animated presentations, as well as listen closely to the verbal and nonverbal responses provided. I am a great speaker (aloud) and a great listener (quietly).

This combination of traits helps me bring incredible talents to non-profit groups and professional teams:

  • I can help strangers become comfortable and collegial by using fun, non-threatening activities to help us become acquainted
  • I can deliver an engaging, thought-provoking keynote speech with remarks for action steps and applications
  • I can help brand-new members of a team onboard and get connected to their new group
  • I can help a seasoned group get to know one another better and develop cooperative team approaches which will apply to their workworld
  • I can provide useful information about personalities and personality theory in the workplace, in order to help us each “be smarter” about those around us
  • With great enthusiasm, smarts and a fun sense of humor, I can help pull these and other related topics together in ways that nudge and inspire group members to work together for shared results

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